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I am a Finnish information technology hobbyist, in my thirties, working professionally in providing corporate security and customer services for client companies. My personal job experience includes working with multiple different access management systems, time clock systems, alarm systems, and CCTV -systems in corporate environments. I also have extensive experience in various customer service roles, mostly in information or reception desk type of environments. Over the years, I have worked alone, as part of a team, and as head of a team.

My interests outside work include among other things music, movies, photography and various information technology related projects such as running this website and taking an active part in an Open Sourced and PHP based project called SMF®.

Combining my experiences and interests in security and IT, I strive to keep my websites safe and secure, by among other things including and using time based 2FA methods in everything I use, setting up proper SPF/DKIM/DMARC records for everything the website sends out, and protecting any user input such as comments and contact forms from being hammered with spam with methods like verification questions and Google ReCaptcha or alternatives. All this I have found to be a useful learning experience, that I have enjoyed tackling.

SPF,DKIM,DMARC tests for Kilpinenonline.net

This website is my nth attempt at gathering some of my hobbies under “one roof”. Time alone will tell what’s to come of this.


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