Video projects

Various video projects I’ve done, some may have served a purpose, some may have had the sole purpose of filling up my free time.

A video made for practise, and to waste some time one saturday evening. The video is made of three separate video tracks, all of which are shot and edited by myself. The song is My Dying Bride’s “It Will Come”. The videomaterial was shot in color, 720p HD, in the middle of the day, in East-Helsinki, Finland.
All rights of the audio track belong to Peaceville Records and My Dying Bride.
Just a couple of wild foxes, spotted in an urban environment. I noticed these two completely by accident, through a window. I shot the first bit through that same window. To my surprise, when I went out after that, they were still there and happy to perform for me. The video was shot with a Lumia 950 in Otaniemi, Espoo Finland, all of it within about 20 minutes. The song in the background is Faun’s “Räven”.
All rights of the audio track belong to Electrola and Faun.

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