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Kilpinen NOT Online

When your ISP doesn’t really believe what you tell them, and tells you the issue is not on their end.

Laptop hooked up to an apartment network distribution cabinet.
My laptop is hooked up to the only ETH-rise in the apartment, and is in fact getting an IP address from the address space of a wrong ISP. And I have no direct access to the buildings network infrastructure.

I am not naming names, even the ISPs involved – I’m fairly sure this is just a misplaced ETH-cable. But I will let you know once I get a solution one day – I’ll post an update in the comments then.

For now, I’m immensely happy with myself for deciding to keep a mobile connection from another ISP as a backup. This decision saved my weekend, and allowed me to get my weekly dose of p… cartoons.

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Finnish information technology hobbyist, in my thirties, working professionally in providing corporate security and customer services for client companies.

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  1. This did get resolved eventually, and turns out I was right along and it was a matter of one cable being hooked up to a wrong switch.

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